WPBOR members are able to serve on one or many committees that can help make the policy decisions that mold and drive both WPBOR and the real estate industry as a while.

Serving on a WPBOR Committee offers several personal and professional opportunities. Here are just a few:

  • Develops your organizational, decision-making, and leadership skills
  • Enhances your knowledge of the real estate industry and builds your REALTOR® image
  • Builds confidence and increase your business contacts

Click here to download the Committee Request Form.

Click here to download the Capsulation of Committee Functions and Responsibilities

Our Business Partners take a great part in creating networking opportunities for our members. Committee consists of individuals who, usually not engaged in the Real Estate business, nevertheless have interests requiring information concerning Real Estate. Plan and coordinate projects with other committees.They provide useful info panels, networking opportunities and a spectacular Trade Show.

Staff Liaison: Lindsay Monson

A series of activity will be scheduled to promote our Association to the community; to create good public relations. To make publicity a dominant factor of Board programs. To plan projects designed to convey to others, the high standards we have set for ourselves and that we operate within those standards.

Staff Liaison: Lindsay Monson

Monthly webinars which will be advertised on your weekly update on Friday. Provide programs, courses, seminars and other information to further the knowledge of the membership in its professions.

Staff Liaison: Diana Cammaratta

This committee investigates complaints against the Realtor community. They present charges, when necessary, to the Professional Standards Committee.

Staff Liaison:  Sammie Copeland

This committee conducts Ethics and Arbitration hearings and renders peer judgments based on the merits of ascertainable facts.

Staff Liaison:  Sammie Copeland

This committee shares general information with fellow property manager members and keeps its members up to date with new laws.

Staff Liaison: Lindsay Monson

This committee provides the organization, communication, information and education necessary for a broad based grassroots Political Affairs organization.

Staff Liaison:  Sammie Copeland

To determine procedures for news releases and cultivate a harmonious working relationship with the various media to promote board activities at the direction of board leadership.

Staff Liaison – Diana Cammaratta

Raises funds for furtherance of political candidates on a non-partisan basis.

Staff Liaison:  Sammie Copeland

West Pasco Board of Realtors YPN is a growing group of young, or (young at heart) career-minded real estate professionals who want to stay abreast of the latest tools and resources. YPN provides encouragement via mentors, networking events, and community service projects.

We are looking to educate and enrich the local Young Professionals into bringing more beneficial information and connections to these local professionals in West Pasco.

Staff Liaison: Lindsay Monson